Highway Soundproof Fence Noise Barrier Sound Barrier

Unit Price: USD 5.0000 / Square Meter
Min. Order: 2000 Square Meter

Basic Info

Model No.: HBSS-1005

Position: Central Isolation Barrier

Material: Steel

Function: Beautiful

Upright Post: 100*100

Post Fixation: Polymer Base

Degree of Distortion: Flexible Barrier

Height: 1-5m

Additional Info

Packaging: By pallet

Productivity: 20000 m2 per day


Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: Made in China

Certificate: ISO9001

HS Code: 73089000

Port: Tianjin,Qingdao,Ningbo

Product Description

Metal shutter sound barrier is a device inserted between the sound source and the receiver to make the sound wave propagation have a significant additional attenuation, thereby reducing the noise impact in a certain area where the receiver is located. Such a facility is called sound barrier fence. In the process of sound wave propagation, three phenomena, reflection, transmission and diffraction, occur when the noise sound barrier is encountered. Usually we think that the barrier can prevent the transmission of direct sound and make the transmitted sound attenuate sufficiently, and the influence of transmitted sound can be neglected. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of the sound barrier can generally be expressed by noise reduction scale, which reflects the above two kinds of sound shielding capabilities of the sound barrier construction. A noise barrier is inserted between the sound source and the receiving point. The barrier is infinitely long. Sound waves can only be diffracted from above the barrier, and then a sound shadow area is formed, just as light is shaded by an object. In this sound and film area, people can feel that the noise is obviously reduced, that is, the noise reduction effect of the industrial park sound barrier shortens the construction time and reduces the cost of the project.
Highway Soundproof Noise Barrier

The noise barrier fence panel, which is between 1 m and 5 m in height, covers the effective area with an average noise reduction of 10-15 dB (A) (125 Hz-40 000 Hz, 1/3 octave), up to 20 dB (A). Generally speaking, the higher the road sound barriers, or the farther away from the louver upright sound barrier, the better the noise reduction effect.

Soundproof Fence Barrier

Characteristics of louver upright sound barrier:

(1) High sound insulation: average sound insulation 36 dB.
(2) High sound absorption coefficient: average sound absorption coefficient is 0.85.
(3) Weatherproof durability: The product has water resistance, heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and will not reduce performance or quality abnormalities due to changes in rainwater temperature. The product uses aluminium alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized treatment anti-corrosion for more than 30 years.
(4) Beauty: You can choose a variety of colours and shapes to combine and coordinate with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful scenery.
(5) Economy: Assembly construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, can save construction costs and labor costs.
(6) Convenience: Parallel installation with other products, easy maintenance, easy updating.
(7) Safety: The two ends of the sound absorption board are connected and fixed with_6.2 steel wire rope to prevent secondary damage and loss of personnel and property.
(8) Portability: Sound-absorbing board N series products have the characteristics of light weight and light weight. The quality of square rice is less than 25 kilograms, which can reduce the load-bearing capacity of elevated light rail and elevated road and reduce the cost of structure.
(9) Fire prevention: Ultra-fine glass wool is used. Because of its high melting point and non-flammability, it fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection specifications, and its fire prevention grade reaches A level.
(10) High strength: Considering the different climatic conditions in different regions of China, the wind load should be fully considered in structural design. Using 1.2_galvanized sheet, through automatic production line, the groove is pressed to increase strength, so that the product can resist 10-12 typhoon and 300/.
(11) Waterproof and dustproof: Waterproof and dustproof are fully considered in the design of louver type. Its angle is set at 45 degrees. Its sound absorption is not affected in dust-raising or raining environment. Dust-draining and drainage measures have been set up in the structure to avoid water accumulation inside the components.
(12) Durability: The product design has fully considered the road wind load, the impact safety of traffic vehicles and the open-air anticorrosion of the whole climate. Aluminum alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized treatment. The company guarantees that the products will not be corroded, unchanged, sound absorption and sound insulation within 30 years.

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